“A dirty book is rarely dusty” – Anon.

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This month, in my last post for 2016, I’m going a bit fangirl over this artist: CINDY LANE. Now, I’m not going to repeat what you’ll find in Cindy’s bio: about her studio in Perth, right beside the Indian Ocean, and her stunning portrayals of beaches and oceans and every living thing. I’m not going to rave about the incredible… Read more »

“His banter and tomfoolery charmed and disarmed the unwary, drawing his victims in.”

Hello lovelies, A few international artists (204 to be precise) joined forces (like superheroes!) and created something really small in support of something REALLY BIG! I’m so privileged to be part of “A Small World” International Art Show for Cancer Research – these are postcard sized paintings 10cm x 15cm (or 4″ x 6″ for you Imperials) – and this is your chance to… Read more »

“It was the Irish accent which stopped my breath.”

Hi all! Can you believe it’s been a year since the release of The Red Door? As Annie would have said: ‘Bollocks!’ and as Claudia would have said: ‘Durr!’ I know I’ve thanked everyone via Facebook and Instagram, but I’m going to do it again. THANK YOU to every single person who came to the launch, bought an ebook (or… Read more »

That stuff I’m writing? They’re calling it Urban Noir.

  That stuff I’m writing? They’re calling it Urban Noir. Who knew? But that’s what the wise ones from Hachette Australia told me … and I suppose they oughta know! Urban noir in urban Sydney. Here’s a bit more: “Every day, Gordana found new ways to avoid her husband. She didn’t think she could stand any more of his whinging about… Read more »

Hallå everyone! Happy last day of winter!

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Hallå everyone! Happy last day of winter … the winter during which I’ve been painting furiously for an upcoming art show and totally ignoring the First Draft of the Manuscript for Book Two. I can pinpoint the day I left the manuscript exactly … the thirty first of May … ‘twas that day I backed up the document, put a spare copy onto… Read more »

Gargoyles, and other fluffy things

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In which everyone gets excited about gargoyles and Flemish tapestries … “Gordana replaced the handset gently into the cradle. ‘Don’t bother staying up,’ Richard had said to her, ‘I’ll be working late. You’re not upset, are you?’ She wasn’t upset.  In fact, she didn’t mind one bit. Let him bury himself in his tiresome paperwork: fat dossiers of documents bound in red ribbon,… Read more »

MY SPECIAL OFFER ON PET PORTRAITS (Only ’til June 30, though!)

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REMINDER TO ALL FUR BABY MUMMAS AND PAPAS! Because I adore paws & whiskers too, I’m offering Pet Portraits created from your photos until 30th June: Pencil on Paper 30cm x 42cm $149* Pencil on Paper 42cm x 59cm $199* * Plus GST & Postage, one subject only, unframed. Other sizes & oil portraits available too, don’t hesitate to ask… Read more »

A Return Journey #BookTwo #RawandUnedited

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Of late, I’m often being asked: “When will the next book be finished?” “Patience, Grasshopper,” I reply. (No, there are no grasshoppers in the story. Or any other insects, for that matter. There are a couple of worms, though). Actually, I’m loving the whole process, plugging away and no idea what I’m doing half the time; a career as a novelist doesn’t… Read more »

#BookTwo #DailyLines #remindyouofanything

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In which Maurice Ellis, presenter of Dream Home Australia, interviews the owners of the old Catholic Seminary about their plans to restore the magnificent, but derelict, building … “The film crew hovered, alert and quietly efficient. An expectant silence fell over the building site. The clapper came down. ‘Hello Richard. Hello Gordana,’ Maurice Ellis walked with the Lemanns towards the tower, hands in… Read more »

#BookTwo #DailyLines #NotAnotherFrontDoor #NoItsNotRed

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Well … um … thankfully this week I was able to resume Book Two. Hurrah! Here’s a little bit:   “Pale yellow is the colour of betrayal and deception.” – Degas “The door of the cottage was painted pale yellow. She would have called it a “nearly Naples Yellow” – not the Naples Yellow that was made by Winsor and Newton,… Read more »