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DREAM MACHINES at the Royal Automobile Club of Australia

FULL THROTTLE, WINDOWS DOWN, TONGUES OUT Yes, I KNOW I wasn’t planning to have ANY exhibitions this year. But just when I took my foot off the accelerator and eased gently into idle, wonderful new opportunities appeared in the rear vision mirror, nudging my brilliantly burnished bumper bar and propelling my Dream Machines back into the fast lane. Yep, okay,… Read more »

“His banter and tomfoolery charmed and disarmed the unwary, drawing his victims in.”

Hello lovelies, A few international artists (204 to be precise) joined forces (like superheroes!) and created something really small in support of something REALLY BIG! I’m so privileged to be part of “A Small World” International Art Show for Cancer Research – these are postcard sized paintings 10cm x 15cm (or 4″ x 6″ for you Imperials) – and this is your chance to… Read more »

“It was the Irish accent which stopped my breath.”

Hi all! Can you believe it’s been a year since the release of The Red Door? As Annie would have said: ‘Bollocks!’ and as Claudia would have said: ‘Durr!’ I know I’ve thanked everyone via Facebook and Instagram, but I’m going to do it again. THANK YOU to every single person who came to the launch, bought an ebook (or… Read more »

Hallå everyone! Happy last day of winter!

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Hallå everyone! Happy last day of winter … the winter during which I’ve been painting furiously for an upcoming art show and totally ignoring the First Draft of the Manuscript for Book Two. I can pinpoint the day I left the manuscript exactly … the thirty first of May … ‘twas that day I backed up the document, put a spare copy onto… Read more »

Notebooks & drawstring bags & cute things …

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Redbubble just keeps bringing out more & more great stuff. Now drawstring bags & notebooks! Huzzah!… Here’s the link: Rosa Fedele for Redbubble

Would you like one of my paintings on your iPhone case?

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Y’know those vintage cars I’m crazy about and keep painting? Well, now there’s merch!! You can have a print on your iPad or iPhone case, tote bag or even a throw cushion – have a look, here’s the link:  Redbubble – Vintage Cars by Rosa Fedele  

“Remember …” Feat. 1954 FJ Holden

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  “Remember …” Feat. 1954 FJ Holden Enamelled Oil on Board 25cm x 25cm FINALIST – 2012 Mortimore Art Prize So please to have my submission selected as a Finalist the Smalls Section of this year’s Mortimore Art Prize! This painting is available for purchase (framed) through Australian Art Sales .(http://australianartsales.com.au/MortimorePrize/mortimoreprize.html).