Nabil Gazal, My Life So Far

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Nabil’s portrait was a joy to paint and was also my entry for the Archibald Prize. This painting is a story in pictures of his life.  His lovely wife Maud and I spent hours going over old family photos.  We discovered old sepia shots of his first car, first boat, his baby photos, Maud in her first car at age… Read more »

Tim Freedman, The Whitlams

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When I contacted Tim about painting his portrait he asked “Why?” Well, why not? He’s an interesting character and probably one of my most challenging portraits yet.  Tim has many facets to his personality and was almost a different person each time I saw him. Tim’s next question was “Where?”  I envisaged him at a grand piano of course and… Read more »

Coffee @ Bertoni’s

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Not sure if drinking 5 of Bertoni’s amazing coffees made my sketching hand any steadier, my brain was certainly buzzing! It was also buzzing when the organisers of the 2008 Lane Cove Art Show called to tell me the painting won Highly Commended in the Urban Landscape division. I presented the crew from Bertoni’s with a print of the painting… Read more »

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Parliament House, Canberra September 2009

“The Artisan” Portrait of Serenity Fedele

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Attention all super sleuths!  The portrait painted as a personal gift for my sister Serenity which was stolen from its home in inner western Sydney is STILL missing.  “The Artisan” was of great sentimental value and intended as a family heirloom. I trust the thief sees the error of their ways and appreciates that the painting is of great importance… Read more »