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Et voilà!

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And here it is! Sending out big thanks to Dane of Ebook Launch for taking my illustration and transmogrifying it into a spectacularly creepy book cover. Drop me a line and tell me what you think! Rosa x

Guilt – what an ugly word …

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Oh my goodness, with all the excitement of receiving not only the first proofs for revision from the publisher, but the first proofs for the C-O-V-E-R (YES!), I forgot to post a little quote for you all … here ’tis … another gritty one.  


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REMOVING THE VEIL Portrait of Sekneh Hammoud Beckett   Sekneh Hammoud-Beckett is a Narrative Psychologist, PhD candidate who has worked with youth in mental health for over 15 years.  Sekneh is passionate about the therapeutic work she engages with young Muslim and non Muslim people of diverse cultures, religions, genders, sexes and sexualities. Her work has received international recognition. Sekneh believes… Read more »

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         It was a pleasure to paint Emma Deans’ portrait for the cover of her new EP – Daughter of Dynamite. Follow the link below to hear her beautiful new music. Daughter of Dynamite