The studio is all a-clutter …

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Books arrived4

The studio is all a-clutter. Stacks of bold, colourful prints are wrapped in crisp brown paper, waiting to be signed with a deadly sharp 5B pencil, rolled and wrapped in soft tissue, and tied with string. Sheaves of posters against the wall. Paintings and easels pushed aside to make room for the red wine and the white. And, of course, a few bottles of French – we mustn’t forget the French! Not a clean, clear surface to be seen. And you all know how I love clean, clear surfaces! Check the guest list – yes, do! – I’m sure I’ve remembered everyone. Some of my closest can’t make it on the day, which is sad, but there you go. And there I go, tripping over those boxes once again; those mountains of boxes filled with pristine new volumes, that image of my protagonist which I painted what seems like Oh! so long ago, repeated over and over on those velvety smooth book covers. The keyhole, and his eye.

And I can’t believe it all began simply because, four years ago, I happened to wander past a beautiful and mysterious old house in Glebe.

I look forward to seeing you all at the launch next Saturday, October 17 at Gleebooks. Rx

The Red Door Launch at Gleebooks